Dr. Mark Kaplan is the Chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Indiana University School of Medicine. He is currently the Editor-In-Chief for the American Association of Immunologists’ journal ImmunoHorizons. Much of Dr. Kaplan’s work has focused on understanding the function of transcription factors in the development of T helper cell subsets. He talks about the role of T helper 9 cells in lung inflammation and γδ T cells in wound healing. He also discusses ImmunoHorizons and how it provides a home for solid immunological research that may otherwise remain unpublished.

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The Immunology Science Round Up

IL-33 Secretion in Airway Inflammation – Researchers showed that in airway epithelial cells, gasdermin D pores mediate IL-33 release.

Immune Tolerance to Food – CD4+ T cells respond to food peptides by proliferating weakly in secondary lymphoid organs of the gut–liver axis owing to the action of Tregs.

Why Brain Injuries Lead to Seizures – Thalamic inflammation enhances seizure risk in mice after brain injury.

B Cells in the Lungs – Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 infection generates bona fide and bystander lung-resident memory B cells.

Image courtesy of Dr. Mark Kaplan