Dr. Laura Mackay is a Professor and Laboratory Head at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity at the University of Melbourne. She talks about her tissue-resident memory T cell research and her ongoing collaboration with Pfizer to identify and validate new targets for cancer therapy.

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The Immunology Science Round Up

Breast Cancer Metastasis During Sleep – Researchers showed that most spontaneous circulating tumor cell intravasation events occur during sleep.

Harnessing Anti-Cytomegalovirus Immunity Against Solid Tumors – Cytomegalovirus-derived peptide epitopes promote long-term antitumor immunity in murine cancer models.

A Gut Metabolite Promotes Nerve Repair – Fasting increases production of indole-3 propionate, which enhances axonal regeneration.

Tregs and Hair Growth – After acute hair loss, Tregs communicate with hair follicle stem cells to stimulate stem cell proliferation and hair regrowth.

Image courtesy of Dr. Laura Mackay