Dr. Dario Vignali is the Frank Dixon Chair in Cancer Immunology and Vice Chair and Professor of Immunology at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  His lab studies various aspects of T cell regulation, and recently generated a new mouse model to target conventional CD4 T cells.

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The Immunology Science Round Up

Dual Targeting for B Cell Leukemia – CAR T therapy targeting both CD19 and CD22 showed clinical activity and low toxicity in a Phase I trial, but strategies to further improve CAR T cell persistence are needed.

Microbial Fitness in the Intestine – Researchers showed that microbial exposure leads to the selection of antigen-specific intestinal plasma cells with a diverse Ig gene repertoire.

Less Is More for COVID-19 Vaccine Dosage  – A 1000-fold lower prime dose of an adenovirus-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine followed by a standard boost dose elicited superior immune responses compared to two standard doses.

IL-33 in Inflammation Resolution – IL-33 induces metabolic reprogramming, which controls the differentiation of alternatively activated macrophages that contribute to the resolution of inflammation and tissue repair.

Image courtesy of Dr. Dario Vignali